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I lost a total of 115 lbs doing Intermittent fasting!

Lamont Tonge, 42, Kentucky (Before Fasting)

In 2018, I was at my highest weight, 340lbs. I was experiencing high blood pressure, sleep apnea, poor circulation, skin problems, headaches, wearing 4x & 5x t-shirts with a waistline of 46 inches. I wanted to change my health because of all of these bad experiences I was getting with my poor eating habits.

How did you manage to integrate this healthy lifestyle into your life? Staying consistent and educating myself on fasting. I understood discipline and that it wasn’t going to be easy to achieve my 115 lbs weight loss.

What are your Top 3 recommendations?

  1. Drink Water Only

  2. Get into Autophagy

  3. Ignore you hunger pangs

Stop relying on your family doctor to get you situated. Fix your weight problem yourself. Always start out out doing 16:8 fasting for about 2 weeks. Then do 18:6 for 2 weeks. The Warrior Diet 20:4 and then OMAD (One Meal A Day).

The best advice I have is that you must believe in yourself that you can do this. YOU MUST TAKE ACCOUNTABILITY FOR YOUR OWN ACTIONS!!!!

What motivates me is that I want to help as much people as possible to achieve their goals at weight loss like I did. I have so many people who come up to me for advice and I love to help them as much as I can.

Don’t wait to start fasting with friends or husband & wife. Everyone’s results are different. Once you start with intermittent fasting and once everybody starts to see you get results, then everyone will follow you.

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Joana Hale
Joana Hale

Nice Article



Thank You for the motivation!

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