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Living the IF lifestyle for just 5 months and down 30lbs!

Tell us a little about yourself and why you decided to make a change to your health?

I’m a 45 year old special education teacher from Upstate NY. I’m a single mom, always on the go!

I definitely noticed some changes in my body when I hit 42. It was a lot harder to take weight off and seemed very easy to put it on.

In July of 2022, I had foot surgery. I was supposed to be laid up for 3 weeks, but the incision became infected and my inactivity (translation: me sitting all day versus moving all day like usual) turned into a two month event.

I noticed that I looked heavier when I looked at my face. My bra size increased and I was shocked at the size I had to buy.

I’ll never forget seeing myself in the family portrait we had taken in late August of this year. I can tell you this: I did not know who I was looking at in the picture. A combination of middle age and becoming sedentary really caught up with me!

I decided then that I would commit to IF. I had attempted it a few times before, but didn’t stick to it for more than a few weeks.

I’ve been living the IF lifestyle now for just under 5 months and I’m down 30lbs.

Molly, Age: 45 Location: Geneva, NY

What goals did you achieve since adding fasting into your life?

I sleep better, I have more energy during the school day, I have less to think about as far as meal planning, and I can wear a belt (oh and I’m back in my “normal bra size” which is one of my favorite non-scale victories)

When it comes to fasting, what are your top recommendations?

1- Choose a time frame that works best for you. I eat between 2pm and 8pm because that’s what works for my schedule, but everyone is different.

2- I’ve read in a few places that you can eat whatever you want during your eating window, but I have found success in eating as healthfully as possible. The idea is to enhance your health and eating habits, not eat as much junk as you want just because you’re fasting part of the day.

What is your favorite healthy food to eat? What is the recipe?

Tonight I made red lentil pasta with shredded chicken, broccoli and cheese. I try to keep it simple and healthy.

How did you manage to integrate this healthy lifestyle into your life?

I’ve started meeting friends strictly for coffee and/or dinner. Not making lunch plans has helped as far as not throwing off my schedule or having to explain why I’m not eating.

I get up, have coffee, walk the dog and head to school where I’m on the go until 2:30. When I get home around 3, I have a snack (a bowl of fiber cereal, nuts, turkey/ cheese wrap, etc) and then do some chores and prepare dinner. I have a small snack a little before 8pm and then head to bed.

IF has simplified my life exponentially. What motivates you to continue with this lifestyle?

Seeing the changes in my body and feeling like myself again (like my mid 30’s self). I am having fun getting dressed again! I really missed that before I started on this journey! What is your best piece of advice for those just starting to fast?

Allow your body to adjust. Stay busy!!! Take some pics to track your progress! And follow your Instagram page for advice!


Anything else you would like to share?

Lastly, I have tried everything. I’ve paid money for program after program and nothing worked. IF is free and trust me, it works!

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