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Since beginning my fasting journey I’ve lost 20 pounds, I’m off Zoloft & blood pressure medicine.

I had done Weight Watchers to lose around 20 pounds but reached a plateau and heard about One Meal a Day through searches and on Facebook. I read Gin Stephens book, Delay Don’t Deny and Jason Fung’s book The Obesity Code.

Darla Mitchell, 58 years old from Snellville, Georgia.

Since beginning my fasting journey I’ve lost those 20 pounds…plus 2.

Since I started fasting, I’m off Zoloft, which I took for panic/anxiety/ptsd and off blood pressure medicine. I’m healthier inside and out! Happy Fasting!

Isn't she gorgeous? We love this quick interview! She looks amazing. Thank You, Darla, for participating.


Instagram: @intermitentfasterandomader

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