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Fasting Helps a Lot When Trying to Work/Study While The Fasting Window is Open.

My name is Diego, I’m 34, I’m an IT Engineer, former powerlifter and I was born in Spain. I started fasting a long time ago, about 14 years, without knowing I was really doing it. Just skipped breakfast, went to college and had lunch when I came back home at about 14.00. I wasn’t even training by then. It was years later, around 2009 when I really got into training and Intermittent Fasting per se.

What goals did you achieve since adding fasting into your life?

Well, I was able to change my physique, and overall adhere to a diet that lets me eat huge meals without being obese. I also believe fasting helps a lot when trying to work/study while the fasting window is open. It has also allowed me to concentrate food around training time which I believe is paramount to achieve optimal results.

What are your top 3 recommendations?

1-Drink lots during the fast period: water, tea, and black coffee

2-Don’t neglect fruits and veggies

3-Choose those foods you love and build a diet around them

What motivates you to continue with this lifestyle?

Right now I wouldn’t change a single piece of it. It’s completely integrated into my day to day life so I need no motivation at all. It’s routine, which I think is the key to adherence.

What is your best piece of advice for those just starting to fast?

Give it time. The first weeks are going to suck, you’re going to be hungry, dizzy, angry… but it’ll all fall into place in a matter of 2-4 weeks. Don’t give up. And track your macros or you’ll stuff your face while breaking the fast.

Anything else you would like to share?

I’d like to encourage anyone thinking about fasting to try it, just give it a shot, you’ve got nothing to lose, and if it suits you, it’s life-changer. if it doesn’t, what have you lost? 30 days? Try it guys!



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