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4 x 20:4 Fasts

  • 7Days
  • 30Steps


Over the course of just one week, participants are guided through the intricacies of the 20:4 fasting method, where you fast for 20 hours and have a 4-hour eating window each day. This program is crafted to jumpstart your health transformation, offering a blend of educational resources, meal planning, and motivational support to ensure success. Here's what the program includes: Daily Guides and Educational Materials: Understand the science behind intermittent fasting and how it can dramatically affect your metabolism, brain health, and overall well-being. Meal Plans: Unlock a meal plan that fit into the 4-hour eating window, focusing on nutrient-dense, low-carb options to maximize the health benefits of your fasting period. Expert-Led Workshops: Participate in online workshops led by nutrition and health experts to learn about optimizing your fasting strategy, addressing potential challenges, and incorporating sustainable lifestyle changes. Community Support: Gain access to a community of fellow participants to share experiences, challenges, and successes, fostering a supportive environment that encourages accountability and motivation. Fitness Recommendations: Discover how to effectively integrate physical activity into your fasting schedule to enhance fat loss, improve muscle tone, and boost energy levels. Mindfulness and Stress Reduction Techniques: Learn mindfulness practices and stress reduction techniques to complement your fasting journey, promoting mental clarity and emotional balance. Progress Tracking Tools: Utilize user-friendly tools to track your fasting hours, dietary intake, and health progress throughout the program, allowing for adjustments and optimizations along the way. Post-Program Support: After the initial 7 days, participants receive guidance on how to continue and adapt their fasting regimen to fit long-term goals, ensuring sustained success beyond the program. Join now!

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