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This is my Testimony That Intermittent Fasting with a Low Carb Diet Works.

First of all my name is Tina. I am 47 years old from Hawaii. I am a Registered Nurse.

I have always wanted to try IF. I practiced it before but never lasted. Along with low carb (keto diet). I have always been on a health journey. Always healthy. But the food choices maybe was not good enough as I did not see the dramatic results. I did try other diets but I always gained the weight back.

I started fasting about 9 weeks ago. I decided to really commit & get information about fasting and keto (via web)And followed it. After one week of pure commitment and being dedicated. I have seen the results that I wanted to see. I have been trying to slim my thighs for the longest time. along with my weight loss.

The goals that I achieved since fasting was losing the extra weight & my thighs are slimmer.

My top 3 recommendations for fasting is:-start slow 16:8 then slow add hours daily-drink water add Himalayan salt with your water-be STRONG & stay committed. Don’t cheat, you only cheating yourself, want results, gotta be strong. And EXERCISE DAILY!! Most important!!!!

To be honest, the healthiest food that is super simple to make and that I like to eat, Is eggs, cooked in coconut oil, on a bed of fresh organic spinach topped with fresh avocado. Add in some nuts and cheese on the side if I have.

I figure if I tell the whole world, like for my “in-person” followers…they will see the change that I made & the results I have with IF.

What motivated me to keep going is how I feel. I feel much lighter, less bloated, my skin is clear. Also, I have energy. The most important is my clothes feel way comfortable.

The best advice if you are going to fast, Ask your doctor first, to see if it is okay. Not sure what medical history people may have (for example diabetes, or heart conditions)…get professional okay before fasting. And once it is okay. Start slow with the hours. Daily increase the hours and don’t forget to drink water. And also have a positive strong attitude.

This is my testimony that intermittent fasting with a low carb diet works. I don’t see it as a “diet fad”. But I see it as a LIFESTYLE. It works BEST with my schedule because I am a Nurse. My work hours are super long. I am too busy to EAT, but I do have time to take sips of water here and there.I think fasting has helped me so much. It has helped me so much. Thank you.


She looks amazing! Thank you Tina :) Follow her for more about this incredible journey!

Instagram is @fitnesswhisperer


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