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One Meal A Day Challenge

  • 21Days
  • 70Steps


One of the key features is helping people overcome sugar cravings and have more energy. Achieve the lean, strong, and confident body you deserve. Specific Benefits of the OMAD Fasting Challenge Include: ​• Increase Fat Loss with Science Based Tools • Quit useless snacking habit, no more cravings • Save a lot of money and time • Boost brain function, increase productivity • Induce cellular repair processes • Improve your strength and self-discipline • Most participants lost 5-10 lbs (2-5 kg) in just 21 days! ​ • Reduce Body Fat % and lose your belly ​ • Fix your metabolic rate if you have a slow metabolism​ Unlock Full Access to the OMAD Content and more: • 21-Day OMAD Challenge Guide (pdf) • ​21-Day OMAD Action Plan​ (pdf)​ • OMAD Meal Planner, recipes included • Scientific ways to improve your OMAD plan • ​Access to the Fasting Boost Experts OMAD fasting brings a long-term reduction in caloric intake, which results in insulin sensitivity and stress resistance. It improves glucose regulation and prevents age-related cardiovascular risk factors. You will get introduced to different fasting methods, get an overview on what to eat on OMAD (and not), learn how to prepare a balanced meal (with macro & micronutrients explained), learn about side effects & how to avoid them, how to combine IF with sport, and much more. Join us now!

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