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My Life is So Much Simpler Now.

I was 26 and I had been in the gym my entire life. The only problem was that I didn’t look like I trained. I always had baby fat and I didn’t have the results that I so badly craved. I also started pro wrestling and BJJ grappling. I was always competing or entertaining. I wanted to look the part. So I turned to fasting to make this happen. At 28 years old, I finally saw abs and felt confident with my physical appearance.

Martin Dasko, 31, Toronto.

My life is so much simpler now. I got abs for the first time in my life. I also created a new system. I get stuff done all morning. I focus on myself and my projects. I don’t let food get in the way. I do the one meal a day strategy of feasting. I have an epic nightly feast.

Top Fasting Tips:

Drink lots of water in the morning along with black coffee. This helps with the cravings.

Keep busy. Most of the time you’re not hungry. You’re just bored.

Fasting made my life simpler. I would always worry about your typical fitness rules in the past. I would try to eat every 2 hours, meal prep, and follow unrealistic rules. What happened? I would get anxious and stressed out. I wouldn’t get anything done. I was always anxious. Now I wake up and do whatever I want. I eat when it’s time to feast.

My motivation now is that I’ve grown a social media following and I want to show others the way. I don’t believe in lectures. I would much rather be a positive influence. I also enjoy pizza and going out for drinks. What this means is that sometimes I have to fast a little longer. I believe that you can delay but you should never deny.

Lift weights and find fun hobbies so that you can look forward to moving around. I grapple and I always add new activities to my life to try to make cardio fun. Play is the most important thing for you. Get out there and play a little. Toss a frisbee around, go for a hike, or try rock climbing.


Blog: Instagram is @loverwrestles

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Jul 01, 2021

Great tips! I like your carefree approach, enjoying life and getting results.

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