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I’m Getting Younger and Stronger, I Have so Much Energy it's Insane!

What goals did you achieve since adding fasting into your life?

  • I don’t binge eat

  • I almost always eat the right amount of calories

  • My diet is so healthy and nutritionally balanced I eat SO many more vegetables than I used to

  • I take supplements regularly

  • I easily achieve a low-carb, sugar-free, fat-fueled lifestyle

  • I healed my sleep cycle

  • I have lost and I’m losing weight

  • My brain functions better from all the fasting and good fats

  • I have more & sustained energy

  • I have complete Mastery over my food intake and planning & save money on trips to the store & buying

  • I am resilient over Hunger

  • I feel like a badass

  • I am clearly anti-aging

Erica M. Haines Age: 43 Pennsylvania/Northern California

How did you manage to integrate this healthy lifestyle into your life?

I love 23:1 it frees me up to give so much more time and energy to friends, clients, and my family, etcetera

A couple things I’m just noticing as I answer these questions is that for me eating 23:1 allowed me to be okay both with picking a caloric amount that was just a little bit extra than the minimum or the exact for the ideal body weight I want to be, and being okay with messing up. I might cheat, I might eat more calories, maybe go over by even 3-500 because I tried to incorporate some sort of Keto dessert or something and it’s fine because the metabolic boost and the fact that I’m going to be burning fat for the next 23 hours takes care of everything. I’m losing weight overall no matter what. I have diminished so much variation and inconsistency that I’m able to honestly do something very extreme, but yet with a gentle approach.

The other thing is that I really have a lot of energy for exercise – I’m pushing myself naturally harder but if I don’t, or I don’t exercise one day that’s fine!

I might maybe do some sun salutations, I might do some yard work, it’s So much less emphasis on being hard on yourself at a gym or forcing yourself to workout.

It’s such a more naturally in-tuned, everything is aligned, everything’s handled, everything is taken care of, my goals are on lock, kind of vibe.

What motivates you to continue with this lifestyle? I’d say the Mastery & the HCG: Our brains get decision fatigue – So less shopping, less decision-making, less energy involved in eating overall, is important to me. I can see the effects of the HCG – while everyone else is eating junk, eating constantly, crashing and burning on sugar (even fructose), I’m getting younger and stronger, the whites of my eyes are brightening I have so much energy sometimes it’s insane!

What is your best piece of advice for those just starting to fast?

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handle stress - The supplements that help me with stress are the B's, B5 in particular is supposed to be important, fish oil, & ashwagandha (KSM-66 standardized) has really helped me!

I also take branched chain aminos to make sure I have plenty of protein amino's as my diet focuses more on fat.  I also take iron sometimes even though I do eat a healthy dose of protein at dinner, I exercise alot and tend towards anemic.

Calories do matter but there is leeway in each direction

Eat low carb

Emphasize fat

23:1 really rocked it for me particularly, because I had a very strong habit of emotional eating and binging.

Do what works for you

Brush your teeth more - especially to assist yourself to stop eating after your meal.
The absolute best piece of advice I can share is that the most effective way to diminish ghrelin is the two or three hours after a huge burst of ghrelin. Meaning – If hunger is what hinders you, hunger is the best medicine for you.

Anything else you would like to share? Thank you so much! I love what you do – you are helping me and so many stay motivated and healthy, glad I found you, happy to contribute!


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Jul 20, 2021

Thank you for this article. So good!

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