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Boost Your Health & Burn Body Fat. Fast!

Our first fasting course ever, based on the insights of a decade of industry leadership and the feedback of millions of people.

Daily actionable steps for immediate results
Developed with insights from millions of users
✓ Access to top quality, evidence-based fasting knowledge
✓ Clear, no-nonsense advice on what to eat and why
✓ Finally understand which fast support your goal


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Making Healthy Choices Is Hard

We know how frustrating and overwhelming it can be to navigate all the conflict advice out there. And the pain points are real.


Cravings & Binges

Emotional eating late at night that destroys progress and self-confidence


Poor Performance

Not being able to perform at your best in sports, at work and in your personal life  


Bad Sleep

Difficulty falling and staying asleep at night, leading to fadigue during the day


Weight Gain

Unwanted weight gain can make you unhappy and feel self-conscious


Low Immunity

Catching every bug that's going around and taking a long time to recovery


Trouble Focusing

Struggling to focus on tasks and to stay productive throughout the day.


Chronic Fatigue

Feeling constantly tired, even after a good night's sleep, making it hard to get through the day  


Brain Fog

Struggling with a lack of mental clarity and focus throughout the day

A Solution Designed By The Market Leader In Intermittent Fasting, Inspired By Millions

Transform your diet instantly with Strong, Lean, Healthy. Gain the knowledge you need to take your nutrition to the next level and enjoy lifetime access to expertly designed lessons that deliver maximum insights from day one

What You Get

No-nonsense Approach To Good Nutrition

Understand why and how you can eat well and see results while still enjoying the foods you love, all without crazy diets.

50+ Bite-sized Lessons

Benefit from compact lessons that distill scientific knowledge, food psychology, and application hacks for practical, actionable insights.

Video, Audio, Visuals

Learn with customized instructions in different formats that optimize understanding.

Always-on Mobile Access

Take your course with you wherever you go with your app version of the course.

Bonus Assets

Immediately apply with useful fact sheets and specifically designed trackers.

What Fasting Boost Customers Are Saying

A Few Out Of 75,000+ 5-star Reviews

"I transformed my life – obesity, hypertension, type 2 diabetes, and fatty liver are all gone, and I'm healthier than ever! The Miracle of Fasting Challenge is nothing short of incredible – it's not just a program, it's a life-changing journey!"


Verified AppStore Review

"I shed an impressive 34 pounds of fat, reduced my visceral fat from 5.25 pounds to just 1.91 pounds and achieved it all without needing any medication – proof that anyone can achieve similar results!"


Verified AppStore Review

"Understand why and how you can eat well and see results while still enjoying the foods you love, all without crazy diets."


Verified AppStore Review

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