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Boost Your Health and Burn Body Fat.

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Bye, bye diets and calorie counting!

92% of users say that they’ve achieved their weight loss goals
even faster by intermittent fasting with the Fasting Boost Method 🧡

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Holistic Health and

Weight loss that’s personalized to you.

Intermittent fasting. Mindfulness. Better nutrition. Sleep and movement. Human connection and general well-being. Live your life to the fullest and feel great, whatever that means for you.

Because one-size-fits-all should never apply to your personal health, or your weight loss journey.

Healthy weight loss with the World’s Largest Fasting Community.

The Benefits of Intermittent Fasting with the Total Body Reset 21-Day Challenge

What to Expect:

  • Receive the Fasting Mastery Bundle Immediately (4 Ebooks that you will download) (link explicando os 4 ebooks e mesmo botao para comecar free trial)

  • Access Resources for 3 Fasting Levels, Beginner Intermediate Expert (link explicando os 3 niveis (fotos tuas usando o fasting masterclass, tudo liberado, depois por exemplo acessando o modulo 3 - mostra pras pessoas como e!!) e mesmo botao para comecar free trial) organiza os fastingboostmethods ebooks e anuncia aqui mais detalhes sobre todo conteudo e mostra como 'e facil organizar os steps pelo app

  • Community via Private Group with People From all Over The World (Adicionar varias fotos com bandeira de canada south africa europe etc, people interacting)  

  • instagram subscription (weekly reels, lives (check calendar), and daily questions x answers all private) organiza agenda com barb, stefan, marc start having lives and talking to people (barb 1, doctor 2, etc ate chegar no Barakat)

  • Full Access to 6 Different Online Programs (show them) which have massive tips on fasting nutrition habits pillars 

  • customer support mostra pessoas atendendo + access via app / mobile or desktop

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