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Image by Lance Grandahl

Instructions to

Finish Strong

1. Recommit to your goal.

Review your list of yearly goals and pick ONE. If you didn’t set a list of goals for the year, there’s no better time than now to create one. (You can use this exercise to review all your goals for the year, but go through the entire exercise one goal at a time.) In the most cliche example in the world, "my goal is to lose 5 lbs." And while it’s cliche, I’m pretty sure that losing 5 lbs over the holidays should count on the same level as losing 15 lbs any other time of the year, right?!

2. Make your action steps effort driven, not outcome driven.

Once you’ve identified your goal, determine action steps that are effort driven, not outcome driven. While my goal is a weight-loss goal, my action steps are all going to be things I can control. “Lose weight” isn’t an action. “Stop eating dessert” is.