The Fat Fueled Program: Train Your Body to Burn Fat for Fuel

To Lose Weight

Rebalance The Body 

Increase Your Self-Confidence

This is a complete guide to a high fat diet. You'll find a simple diet that won't make you spend more time or more money, and you'll even witness the fall of many myths about what's good or bad for your health. It includes complete meal plans for each purpose.

What You Will Learn From This Program


The Ketogenic Practice 

✓Macronutrients & Monitoring
✓How To Know If You Are in Ketosis
✓What To Expect From The Ketogenic Diet
✓Intermittent Fasting & Ketosis
The Dynamic Combo
✓Exercising During The Keto Diet 


Solving The Problems 

✓You Can't Adapt or Lose More Weight
✓Keto Flu
✓Bad Breath
✓Low Tolerance to Alcohol 
✓Adapted to fat but not well
✓High Cholesterol 
✓Hair Scalp Problems  


What is The Keto Diet? 

✓What happens to your body
during the ketogenic diet
✓Combining low carb and paleo diets
✓Is the ketogenic diet good for you?
✓What about Cholesterol?
And other questions about eating fat.
✓How to customize the ketogenic diet


What You Will Eat and Not Eat

✓List of The Foods
✓Quality of The Food 
✓Superfoods For the Ketogenic Diet
✓Coconut Derived Products
✓Canned Food
✓Adjustments for Special Diets

The Fat Fueled Program:


Results: Weight loss, blood glucose control, balanced cholesterol and hormones, less inflammation, more complete nutrition

Focus on whole foods and nutritional practices that restore the body. Paleo principles, with conscious choices and intuitive eating practices.


The Fat Fueled program profile makes your carbohydrate consumption more flexible, according to what happens in your body and your life.


Use Protein To Your Advantage. Trust your body, not the calculator. Calorie control and calculations are less important.



Challenge benefits reflect the real-life experiences of individuals who have finished this 30-day challenge. However, individual results may vary and we do not guarantee you will experience the same benefits and results as others.

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